“Vaping can be your way out”: Thousands behind petition to legalise e-cigs

The WA Liberal Democrats have today tabled a petition in Parliament to legalise vaping in Western Australia.

Organised by Legalise Vaping Australia, the petition has gained over 7000 signatures and is calling on the WA Government to lift the ban on the sale of liquid nicotine and vaping devices. Currently it’s only legal to purchase the e-liquid (without nicotine).

The group say research shows vaping is a a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco and helps people to quit traditional cigarettes.

Leader of Liberal Democrats WA Aaron Stonehouse told Oliver Peterson despite warnings by the  Federal Health Minister, vaping is not an on-ramp for non-smokers to switch to cigarettes.

“Greg hunt is completely full of crap,” said Mr Stonehouse.

“The majority of people who vape are people who’ve quit smoking.

The overall health benefit is clear. The United Kingdom and New Zealand promote vaping as an alternative to smoking.”

Mr Stonehouse claims legalising vaping will save lives.

“These people are addicted.

“They aren’t all tech savvy, they’re not the sort of people who can go online and import liquid nicotine.

“If we don’t make it easy for people to get onto vaping, they’re going to die.”

Listen to the full interview:

By Oliver Peterson for 6PR News Talk, 26 November 2020